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26 Weird Felony Crimes in Oregon, Listed by Class

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26 Weird Felony Crimes in Oregon, Listed by Class

This list was compiled as part of Essent Law’s Oregon expungement legal services. The good news for expungement clients is that if you have one of these felony convictions on your record, you can expunge them—the only question is when. Some are entertaining. Some are weird. Some are funny. Some are surprising. Some are things that you might not think would be criminalized. Some are crimes that relatively normal, everyday folks might inadvertently commit. Note that ignorance of the law is no excuse (Ignorantia lex non excusat.) And some are typical for people seeking to expunge their Oregon record or restoring their firearm (Second Amendment) rights, such as a Failure to Appear.

If you want to take a closer look at the statutes, here is the link to the Oregon Legislature’s website. Or for a great alternative, the good folks at Oregon Laws.

Coming soon: Oregon Misdemeanors You Don’t Know About.

Enjoy, and keep Oregon weird.


List of Oregon Felonies

Crime Degree  Statute # | ORS (2013)  Notes
Abuse of a Corpse
C-felony 166.087
Cheating C-felony 167.167
Computer Damage or Destruction C-felony 164.377(3)
Computer Fraud Or Theft C-felony 164.377(2)
Criminal Impersonation C-felony 162.365(2)
Criminal Nonsupport Of Child C-felony 163.555
EVADE INCOME TAX C-felony 314.075
Factoring Of Credit-Card Transaction C-felony 165.074
Failure To Appear C-felony 162.205
False Claim For Health-Care Payment C-felony 165.692
False Report Of Odometer Reading C-felony 815.430
Practicing Medicine Without License C-felony 677.080(4)
Repeated Forbidden Contracts B-felony 59.740
Simulating Legal Process C-felony 162.355
Spreading  Communicable Disease Unclassified 433.010
Trade Against Customer Order B-felony 59.780
Tree Spiking B-felony 164.877(3)
Unlawful Label Sound Recording C-felony 164.868
Unlawful Purchase Of Securities B-felony 59.127
Unlawful Record Performance C-felony 164.869
Unlawfully Selling Securities B-felony 59.115
Unregistered Securities B-felony 59.055
Weapon-Register Concealable C-felony 166.420(9)
Wrongful Claim For Payment C-felony 411.675 Public-assistance or medical-assistance benefits (“welfare”)
Wrongfully Accept Payment C-felony 411.690 see above.


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