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Costs of Expungement in Oregon

5 Dollar Note Issued by Bank of Washtenaw in 1935

Costs of Expungement in Oregon

How much does an Expungement Attorney cost in Oregon?

Essent Law is an Oregon law firm that offers unbundled expungement services as low as $400, with most full-scale expungements costing in the range of $600 to $950 per case number. (The number of cases determines the number of filings one needs to research, draft, prepare, and serve, and hence determines total expungement costs).

For instance, if you think you can complete the expungement filings on your own, but aren’t sure whether they’re done correctly, the unbundled option might be right for you. The attorney would review the documents and instruct you on exactly what needs to be changed, or verify that they are correct, and can ensure that you are not foregoing other options or avenues that might be better for your particular circumstances.

Typical expungement pricing cuts the client’s work down to a minimum and Essent Law takes care of the rest.

Why this rate of expungement costs? We price our expungement services this way for the following reasons:

1. We have it down to a science, step by step.  (There are over 45 discrete actions required to file and complete one Oregon expungement filing correctly).

2. Importantly, not all our clients need the same level of service–we “unbundle” expungement services where appropriate.

3. Moreover, Essent recognizes that filing costs and expenses paid to the courts and law-enforcement agencies are often quite high ($252 per case in which a conviction results for the filing costs), so we work with clients and potential clients on unbundled fees and pricing. Often because their ability to get a decent-paying job is hamstringed by their criminal record, some clients in need of expungement may not have the money to hire a lawyer to handle all the filings. But some people can afford to either put in the considerable time and effort or to have the lawyer assist with a portion of the filings so the client can be assured the filings are done correctly and that the client is not foregoing any benefits by going it alone.

4. Bang for your Buck; Smart, Informed Decisions — An expungement can mean the difference between getting your foot in the door with that company, a promotion. Even in mere dollar terms, that will often mean the expungement expenses will pay for itself many, many times over. How much more money will you make if you can get the new job, change career directions, or get that promotion? That’s the question you’d want to ask, and you’d want to strategically analyze the decision.

We are really good at helping clients figure out what’s best for them.

Give Essent Law a call, 503.512.0501, or send an email so we can assist you with expunging your criminal record, or at minimum, provide you with helpful information.

Timothy D. LaBadie | Attorney at Law | J.D., M.B.A.

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5 Dollar Note from Bank of Washtenaw in 1935

This image “Bank of Washtenaw, five dollar note, signed by E. W. Morgan and David Page, December 9, 1835” by Wystan is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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