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26 Weird Felony Crimes in Oregon, Listed by Class

This list was compiled as part of Essent Law’s Oregon expungement legal services. The good news for expungement clients is that if you have one of these felony convictions on your record, you can expunge them—the only question is when. Some are entertaining. Some are weird. Some are funny. Some are surprising. Some are things that you might not think would be criminalized. Some are crimes that relatively normal, everyday folks …

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Signed Business Contract

5 Things to Know About Business Contracts

Oregon Contract Attorney — Five things everyone, and especially business people and entrepreneurs, should know about contracts and agreements What are contracts? Contracts are arrangements between people that define relationships and allocate risk and benefits that a judge or jury can enforce. More simply, a contract determines what kind of relationship you have, and how and when that relationship will provide pain or pleasure.1)Hat tip: to my business lawyering and science-and-technology law school Professor, Vincent …

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7 Juvenile Record Expungement Facts in Oregon


1. Your Oregon Juvenile Record is Not Confidential — Your juvenile “conviction” or “arrest”1)“Conviction” and “arrest” are in quotations because legally juveniles are not convicted, but are adjudicated. The idea here is that the juvenile system has very different goals from the adult criminal system, and so these adult criminal-law terms aren’t appropriate. But the usual and more familiar terms will be used throughout this article. and the charges brought against …

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Restoring Gun Rights After Felony in Oregon


False is the idea of utility that sacrifices a thousand real advantages for one imaginary or trifling inconvenience; that would take fire away from men because it burns, and water because one may drown in it; that has no remedy for evils, except destruction. Laws that forbid the carrying of arms are laws of such nature. They disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes …. Such laws make things …

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Stanford Student Being Escorted by Several Police Officers

When Am I Eligible for Expungement?

People seeking Oregon Expungements must stay out of trouble for a certain length of time. Unfortunately, this timing issue is—or can be—the most complicated and confusing part of the adult Oregon expungement statute. (For background information on the Oregon expungement framework and what determines eligibility, see Essent Law’s Oregon Expungement Guide, Parts 1–4, starting here with Part 1). Here’s the complex part of the expungement statute, ORS 137.225(6)(b) (2013), which reads: “Notwithstanding subsection (5) of this section, the provisions of subsection (1) [Expungement …

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Notions Against Expungement of Criminal Record in Oregon

Why You Should Hire a Lawyer for Expungement

If you think hiring a professional is expensive, try hiring an amateur. –Anon.   Short Answer & Summary:   If you’re not completely, 100% sure that you are eligible (your type of crime or the amount of time that has passed), call an Oregon expungement lawyer.   If your case is a “close call”, then hiring a lawyer is an especially wise move and a prudent use of your scarce time and money. Your …

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Can I Expunge My Record After a Diversion Program?

Can I get expunge my record after an Oregon diversion program? Yes, most diversions can be expunged as “arrests”, with one major exception—a DUI diversion that you successfully completed cannot be expunged.1)See ORS 137.225(8)(b) (2015) ([The following crime is not eligible for expungement: “[a]n arrest for driving while under the influence of intoxicants if the charge is dismissed as a result of the persons successful completion of a diversion agreement described in ORS 813.200 (Notice of availability of diversion).” Other diversion programs, such as marijuana diversion, are …

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Two Grasshoppers Opposing Each Other

Why Victim Notification Matters in Oregon Expungement Cases

  Victim notification can be a gift or a curse in Oregon expungement cases. Victim notification can be critical in close ones. Victims are often enemies, but they can also be strong allies in moving on from past mistakes.  In both adult and juvenile expungement (or expunction) proceedings, Oregon victims have two main rights:  1. The Right to Notice That Expungement Proceedings Are About to Happen – Victims have the right to be given the heads up (notice) of your intent …

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1920s Mug Shot of George Coulson

How to Remove Mugshot Online

  The Oregon Legislature passed a law that can force fee-charging mugshot and arrest websites to remove arrest photos, names, and other personal info from their websites. For details, see below for the bill in pertinent part, HB 3467 (2013), and which isnow codified as ORS 646A.806 (Website with photographs and information about arrested persons). These arrest websites are the modern and high-tech equivalent of public shaming, the stocks, the pillory. So be it, but charging ‘fees’–often hundreds …

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Vehicle Chalk Markings on Road

Can Negligent Homicide be Expunged in Oregon?

Short answer: No. Not unless the Legislature or the Oregon Criminal Justice Commission changes the law. Criminally Negligent Homicide (CNHomicide) is a fairly common charge for drunk-driving convictions. In addition, a person say texting while driving or racing when a death occurs is often charged with this crime. Events like this don’t get much more tragic, for the victim, the victim’s family and friends, and also the driver-defendant, who often, made a supremely stupid mistake that had grave, mortal consequences for another person. …

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